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For several decades, corporate governance has been guided by the financial compass alone, neglecting several key factors. Evolving in a society increasingly aware of social, environmental, and economic dysfunctions, companies are now called upon to respond to new ethical requirements.

It is with this in mind that Tecnickrome Aeronautique Inc. Is committed to social responsibility and now relies on sustainable development as a springboard for performance and innovation.

Far from being restrictive, social responsibility is an economic and human opportunity that will ensure the sustainability of Tecnickrome. This dynamic between business and society creates value and gives meaning to our activities.

The company of tomorrow is one that knows how to anticipate, which strives to stand out, which strives to enhance its image, which fosters motivation and pride in belonging among its staff, and which remains enthusiastic about meeting the challenges of the future.

Tecnickrome has applied rigorous business ethicsfor several years. However, we want to further concretize our moral principles. It is with this in mind that Tecnickrome is now implementing a form of governance that will ensure it realizes the principles of ethical business. Adopting a sustainable approach means developing a “win-win” philosophy.
We believe in going beyond our business and financial mission and considering the various stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, community, and environment) in our strategic decisions.
Our goal: “Do better for everyone!”

Tecnickrome is committed

To set objectives in several axes of development by integrating more ethics into its governance, by emphasizing dignity and human rights, by continuously investing in the community and local development, by reducing its impact on the environment, by improving employee relations and working conditions, by promoting the integrity and loyalty of its practices, and by guaranteeing the exemplary quality of our products to our customers.

The most important intangible capital of a company is its reputation, and Tecnickrome will demand nothing less than excellence. Join our ranks...


Tél : (514)640-0333 Fax : (514)640-6457

Headquarters address

12264 Street April, Montréal, QC H1B 5N5

Tecnickrome Aéronautique’s priority is to optimize the quality of its services by listening to customers and continuously improving its business processes, and to do so in a harmonious and rewarding work climate for each of the stakeholders.

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