About us

To serve the aerospace manufacturers and their supply chain by offering high technology surface treatments and processes.

To maintain a world-class caliber excellence center for the surface treatment of metallic parts aided by:

  • our innovative approach
  • our integrated services
  • our performance
  • and our qualified manpower

in harmony with the community and the environment.

The top priority at Tecnickrome Aeronautique Inc. is to optimize the quality of its services based on client feedback and constant improvement of its procedures, within a harmonious work structure taking all parties into account. In order to provide services that uphold that standard and persistently satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients, our main objectives in matters of quality are as follows:

  • ensure the total and polyvalent competence of our personnel with a program of continued training;
  • taking adequate corrective and preventive measures to minimize all non-conformity;
  • forming solid partnerships with qualified and reliable contractors;
  • enable the company’s adjustment to strict laws regulating the market;
  • continually develop strategies in order to improve the ratio of quality/price value of our services;
  • be aware and able to adapt to our clients needs and requirements to assure their satisfaction;
  • respect the harmony of the environment and related laws and regulations;
  • continually support the well being and positive interaction of our personnel;
  • provide state of the art technology.

In order to reach its goals,Tecnickrome Aeronautique Inc. has acquired a quality system satisfying international ISO & AS9100 standard requirements. The management is dedicated to a process of maintaining and improving its measures of quality by its total attention to all decisions and actions taken.

For decades, corporate governance was moving with only the financial compass, neglecting more capital factors. Operating in a society increasingly aware of the social, environmental and economic dysfunctions, corporations are now called upon to respond to new ethical requirements.
It is in this light that Tecnickrome Aeronautique inc. is committed to a policy of corporate social responsibility and is now focused on sustainable development as a lever to drive performance and innovation.

Far from being restrictive, corporate social responsibility is a humanitarian and economic opportunity that will ensure the sustainability of Tecnickrome. This dynamic between business and society creates value and gives meaning to our activities. The business of the future is one that knows how to anticipate, that works to stand out, that ensures to improve its image, that develops the pride of belonging and motivation of its staff and that remains enthusiastic for the challenges of the future.

Tecnickrome has applied a rigorous « business ethic » for several years. However, we wish to further realize our moral principles. It is in that light that Tecnickrome now takes governance that will lead it toward an « ethical business » . To adopt a sustainable approach is to develop a « win-win » philosophy. We believe that we must go beyond our commercial and financial mission and consider the various stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, community and environment) in our strategic decisions.
Our aim: « Do better for everyone! »

Tecnickrome therefore undertakes to set goals in several areas of development by further integrating ethics in governance, by putting dignity and human rights in the foreground, by investing more in the community and the local development, by reducing its impact on the environment, by enhancing relations and employee working conditions, by enhancing the integrity and loyalty of its practices and ensuring the exemplary quality of our products to our customers.

The most important intangible asset of a company is its reputation and Tecnickrome will not require less than excellence.
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